Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump

Various products of Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump, providing product images and basic parameters with each Volumetric Flow Meter and Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump, and look forward to your cooperation!

Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump Description

Volumetric Flowmeter Characteristic
Excellent stepless fine-tuning device allows plus-minus calibration of flow meter;
High accuracy and repeatability within the large range of flow; superior accuracy of constant flow;
Low maintenance, low wear, long working life;
Low pressure loss, genuine gravity flow meter;
Accuracy regardless of pressure fluctuations, temperature variation, viscosity;
Aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel materials of construction for choice.

Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump Specialized in measuring and delivering the industrial oils, including petrol and other oil products.
Automotive, Adhesives, Agriculture, Asphalt, Aviation Fueling, Animal Feeds, Beverage, Cosmetics, Chemical Processing,Concrete Add Mixtures, Dairy, Liquid Fertilizers,Food Processing, Fuel Oil Delivery, General Industrial,Hydrocarbon Processing, Liquefied Gases, Lube Oils, Marine, Paint And Varnish, Petroleum Marketing, Petroleum Production, Pharmaceutical, Printing Ink,Pulp & Paper, Refining Commercial Solvents, Recycling, Railroad, Textile



Volumetric Flow Meter/            Parts & Pump Application:
Refined Petroleum Products
Aviation Gasoline and Jet Fuels
A Wide Variety Of Products Such As: liquid Sugars. corn Syrup. Dextrose. fructose. sucrose. maltose. lactose. corn Oil. soy Bean Oil. cotton Seed Oil. coconut Oil.
Treated Waters(Deionized.demineralized and Potable)
Chlorinated Solvents And General Solve Metering
Acid PH Liquids
Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG)
Crude Oil. also for Heated and/or Viscous Liquids
Oil Or Water Based Latex Products. polyester Resins. and Adhesives(Neutral Ph).Also for Metering Herbicides and Nitrogen Fertilizer Solutions
Sodium Hydroxide(Caustic)solutions. high Sulfur Crude Oil and Other Alkaline PH Liquids
Abrasive Liquids


Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump processing



Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump assembly



Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump testing



Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump painting



Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump packaging

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